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I rawr.
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Holy what- I hadn't checked my Shoutbox until now.
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Rawr Magistreamer! Heya and WOOF.
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Amphitrite by LupisDarkmoon
CRYSTAL WHY I'm charging $10 more for crystal this is ridiculous turned out nice, though. 

Coatl dragons are the IP of Stormlight Workshop!
Luxx Ref Sheet by LupisDarkmoon
Luxx Ref Sheet

Let it be known that I take way, way too long because I'm the slowest artist in the world. But anyway- Luxx finally has a ref sheet!

I did a lot of researching and thinking while working on this and I'm now fairly settled with her. She's an unfortunate mix- a sociopath with psychopathic tendencies and a lingering dopamine deficiency. Thanks to that, as well as a hefty serving of apathy and pessimism, her at-rest state is bored and kind of sad. Only very exciting, high-stress environments get her to a state of contentedness, and "excited" is a state reserved for extremely rare and life-or-death situations. Once a state of excitement is reached, that much stimulus will no longer work a second time- so she aims for bigger, better plans and more dangerous work to reach that next step. 

Her asexuality and aromanticism have nothing whatsoever to do with the sociopathy or anything else- those are just her orientations! No cause or effect is involved. (That's a bit of a trope and I hate it.)

Wearing her graduation ribbons (I'm just gunna say that's a thing colleges give out, kind of like those ropes that you get for doing special things) is her private way of mocking Asuran society and the colleges. Somewhat similarly, her way of wearing red and gold, instead of red and black/grey, is her own way of staying independent from the Inquest metakrew. 

Asura @ Arenanet

Edit- corrected a left/right error, changed "warmness" (wut) to "warmth" 
Wish Come True by LupisDarkmoon
Wish Come True
The other characters had frenzy, madness and despair. Ryouta had empty resignation and that ended up far more dangerous. 

...Yup, more pigeon art. I really enjoy this style, and it's good composition practice. 
Friday by LupisDarkmoon
"Today was supposed to be our day. No one has ever been missing on a Friday before."

Because really, who needs a heart when you have Hatoful Boyfriend. Those two things can't go together anyway. Hatoful Boyfriend takes hearts and then stomps on them.

Hitori's broken rambling killed me. 

Please don't post spoilers in the comments! While this drawing does concern later events, I'd rather keep the comments spoiler-free. 

I'm aware that birds can't squeeze their eyes shut like this, but then, birds aren't very good at conveying human emotion or talking or carrying around boxes. 
Akuma by LupisDarkmoon
This guy was way more complicated than I anticipated, because I forgot how tricky it is to make things snarl and still have facial markings show up. Also SO MANY MARKINGS. There are tiger stripes down under the white and red somewhere.

Still, pretty pleased with how this guy turned out! Experimented with lighting up the line art on the whiskers, so they actually show up among all that black. 

Imperial dragons are the IP of the Stormlight team. 


LupisDarkmoon's Profile Picture
Lupis Darkmoon
Artist | Student
United States
19, living in Michigan.
Playing too much world of warcraft...
and also I was supposed to do one several days ago and forgot so

rules or somethin:
1. For each person who comments on this journal, I will feature one of their characters. I'll also tell you what I like about them. 

2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (or original journalist) in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1. Azunara
Sleet Ref by Azunara
is a really cool character and man we should do something with Sleet and Omen some day, because they have a lot of potential for coolness. Also I love his design like wowa- especially the simple tail stripes and that tail eye. So cool. 

2. Honeyshuckle
Dusa's Profile, Updated!
Name: Dusa
Gender: None
Species: Spiritomb
Height: 3' 10"
Gijinka Height: 5' 0"
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Favorite color: Red
Hidden power type: Fighting
Favorite Berry flavor: Dry
Favorite Berry: Wiki
Favorite Food: Crackers
Quote: "We are Dusa! More then a Thousand strong! you will fall before our might!"
Personality: Dusa is arrogant, and nasty in general to be around. It's surprising that it treats Kneph the Dusclops the way it does. Dusa Spends most of it's time Hunting down pokemon to kill, it curses them right before death, making the spirit of that Pokemon join Dusa, making it more and more powerful. As it has more then a thousand spirits at this time, it is incredibly powerful. although the more it focuses on power, the weaker it's defenses become. Dusa Denys this, dispite proof from Kneph.
Bio: Dusa used to be just a normal Spiritomb, long long ago. But when it found out it could curse others to join it's keystone..... lets just say, that's very bad. This whole thing of cursing an

Dusa is a character that I've always been interested in- and I swear it's not just because I like evil characters. I at one point had the mental image of Dusa growing with each soul they stole, to the point where they towered over buildings in this massive, swirling vortex. ...Even if that's not how it is, I continue to be interested in this character! 

3. Rubybeam
Plagueman 2.0 by rubybeam
ended up winning but god, that was not an easy choice. I just really like how simple and perfect his design is- there's not too much going on, but there's enough to clearly convey what he's based on and what he's a fan character of. Plus- well, plague doctors. 

4. Secretsalute
Veyga Bloodclaw by secretsalute
is so much fun. It's great to have a character around that is totally willing to be a taunting jerk and you play her very well- a typical charr that veers away from typical once you get into her details. I like her lots. 

5. Starkittens
Day 09 Dave by starkittens
is a cheetah, which is automatically cool, plus he has wings. And he's a demon. That's pretty dang neat. 

6. Cowmuflage
My little Ponies of the Apocalypse (Recolours) by thelimeofdoom
is still a design I really like. Love the tail scythe! (Also HAH I found something)

7. Silvadruid
Blank Ref by Silvadruid
is a really, really neat character. I love the idea of him playing the role of two people, and how that changed his form and personality- how he sort of became both. Ugh, such a neat idea. Also he's a cutey. 

8. Senna
Herp A Derp by Creepyness-Incarnate
This guy
I don't remember the name of. I don't remember much about him, to be honest. But he's such a cool design, with those sharp tails raised up like snake heads and his almost Hyena like furry body. A really cool hybrid and a really cool design. 


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